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At Phospholutions, we are developing solutions to optimize the use of our phosphorus resources. Our patented RhizoSorb technology more efficiently delivers fertilizer to the plant and helps utilize existing phosphorus in agronomic soils.

Enhancing phosphorus efficiency starts with improving soil chemistry to better exchange nutrients based on plant demands. More efficient delivery and uptake of key nutrients leads to more productive soils.

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Benefits of RhizoSorb

Improved Root Development

Advanced Phosphorus Delivery

Increased Fertilizer Efficiency

Reduced Water Use

Natural Composition

Sustainable Conservation


Reduce fertilizer costs without compromising results by increasing uptake


Over 20 years of combined academic and field trial research


Better for the planet, people, and the bottom line

How RhizoSorb Works


RhizoSorb is a granular soil amendment that uniquely increases the Anionic Exchange Capacity (AEC) of soil, allowing for greater efficiency and overall uptake of phosphorus.


RhizoSorb exchanges nutrients like phosphorus within the soil profile to optimize release based on plant needs, reducing unwanted tie-ups and losses to the environment.


Improving phosphorus use efficiency increases root development, water use efficiency, and overall plant health.

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