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Enhance Global Phosphorus Use

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We were founded in 2016 under the belief that our global food system demands better solutions for sustainable production and responsible use of phosphorus. At Phospholutions, our mission is simple.  We are enhancing the efficiency of global phosphorus use.  Being the second-largest nutrient used in food production worldwide, the need to manage this finite resource more efficiently has never been more critical to support future generations.

More than 90% of phosphorus mined today is applied as fertilizer to our farm fields, yet only 10% makes it to the consumer's plate. Our approach starts with increasing fertilizer efficiency to reduce depletion rates of our known reserves, maximize use within the food chain, and minimize the environmental impact. It all starts with solving key agronomic challenges unique to phosphorus as a plant nutrient. Leveraging our team of experts, partners, and intellectual property portfolio, we've developed a set of scalable solutions to address one of the world's most pressing environmental issues.

“Global phosphorus use is inefficient and has left a devastating impact on freshwater ecosystems around the world. Finding the right equilibrium between supporting a growing population and protecting our waterways requires reimagining a system where the use of this vital nutrient is optimized.”

Hunter Swisher,  Founder & CEO

That's why we developed our RhizoSorb technology, a fertilizer additive designed to increase efficiency for farmers around the world. Better efficiency means optimizing the use of inputs for growers, better plant health, and lower environmental impact. Leading the industry in innovation is what we are passionate about. We continue to develop more solutions to address global phosphorus use, including responsible fertilizers, remediating nutrient-rich water resources, and circular approaches, extending the life of our vital phosphorus resources.

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