"RhizoSorb works by forcing roots to grow deeper"


Rapid rooting

Whether starting from seed or cutting, the fate of the plant depends on producing a strong root system to support what grows above ground.  Establishment of transplants, newly constructed areas, or seeded areas rely on a healthy root system quickly developing.  Our technique to producing better root systems is proven to enhance survival rates of transplants, establishment of new turf, troubled areas, and sod.  RhizoSorb emphasizes root production over shoot growth, acting as a natural growth regulator, to make shorter and more compact seedlings more likely to survive the transplant process.


Surviving Drought

Roots exist to draw water and nutrients from the soil.  RhizoSorb works by forcing roots to grow deeper through the soil in search of key nutrients.  The deeper roots reach, the longer it takes for the soil to dry out, meaning more water is available to the plant in times of drought.


Defense against damage and disease

Just like anything else, too much or too little of something is usually a bad thing.  RhizoSorb soaks up and controls the availability of fertilizer in the soil to provide the optimum amount for growth.  When too much fertilizer is available in the soil, roots tend to get lazy and weak, making the plant vulnerable for disease outbreaks.  Too much fertilizer in the soil and suddenly organisms start competing for the excess food.  Poor root systems plus a sudden disease outbreak could be devastating.  Also, better root systems will help defend against the variety of damage a plant may undergo throughout its life cycle


Smarter Growth

Fertilizer is expensive and it’s only increasing year after year.  The problem is most of what we apply ends up washing away before even being used.  When unwanted nutrients end up downstream, they cause devastation to entire aquatic ecosystems.  RhizoSorb is proven to prevent up to 98% of fertilizer from washing downstream.  Using RhizoSorb ensures only the optimal nutrient levels exist, resulting in the strongest root system possible.  Growing strong roots first is the smarter way to grow.


Remembering our roots

We tend to forget what happens beneath the surface is where the most important processes are occurring.  Root hairs acquire nutrients in a zone directly surrounding their 1mm reach called the rhizosphere (rhizo - root; sphere - zone).  RhizoSorb was created to control the nutrient exchange happening in the rhizosphere in a way that optimizes root growth.  Better roots help create better plants