[Hunter] was one of the speakers who was part of a panel discussion Tuesday focused on Invent Penn State, research and fostering entrepreneurship and community partnerships.

"The Penn State Small Business Development Center partners with the TechCelerator to accelerate the businesses and technology of the applicants.... At the end of the TechCelerator program, Phospholutions made their first sale to a golf course in Boca Raton, Florida."

" We applied Rhizosorb to half of our Champion Bermuda nursery green after aerification," ..."We cut our irrigation run times down to stress the turf. The half with Rhizosorb had longer roots and displayed better drought resistance than the other half without the Rhizosorb."

"Sure enough what he said was going to happen to the turf, it did," Pagett said. "It doubled our root size which is phenomenal."

“We are excited to work with Phospholutions,... This particular project can help our goal to become a golf course for the future — one that is sustainable, environmentally friendly, requires less inputs and ultimately reduces expenses."

"The event — billed as a “pop-up gardening show” — was hosted by Phospholutions"

"The startup’s soil amendment reduces fertilizer use and aids in root growth."

Phospholutions is an agriculturally-focused company that created an innovative product -- buffering agent that reduces the need for fertilizers and helps develop stronger plants with deeper roots.