"We aim to relieve environmental impacts occurring from wasted fertilizer." - Hunter Swisher 

The dependence on fertilizers has never been greater. Fertilizers consume over one third of the energy used for crop production in the United States. Sixty percent of the fertilizer applied is either washed away or released into the air. To compensate for this loss, we overfertilize. As nutrients are washed downstream, we see tragic ecological damage, such as algae blooms that result in large dead zones.

How do we break such a cycle? Research has shown that reducing the availability of key nutrients actually creates a healthier and more robust plant because the roots are forced to work harder to obtain nutrients. Our patented solution moderates the amount of nutrients that the roots can access, providing a more steady stream of nutrients over time. The result is stronger and deeper roots, creating a healthier, thriving plant.

We understand the tight margins for crop production, greenhouse production, and lawncare. Our products reduce production cost by cutting fertilizer and water use, improving soil quality, and providing a more consistent nutrient level for optimum root growth. 

Whatever you grow — be it world-class turf or beloved perennials — Phospholutions can help. I invite you to make a difference, one root at a time.


Hunter Swisher
Founder & CEO