Regulations to reduce nutrient loads are constantly increasing. As more and more states continue to put regulatory pressure on municipal and industrial facilities to lighten nutrient loads, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, from entering our waterways, the need for cost-effective solutions has never been greater. Current technologies are forcing businesses and municipalities to spend a fortune for new infrastructure, overhead and maintenance, to only find regulations have gotten tighter.

Phospholutions has created a versatile solution to filter and remove valuable nutrients such as phosphorus from treated effluent to produce a by-product that can be applied elsewhere as a fertilizer. With a one-fits-all approach, our technology is easily implemented in almost all systems without additional overhead and infrastructure. In this way we can reduce the cost of nutrient removal while producing a value added product for agricultural uses. What once was a waste and a liability has now become a useful resource that closes the nutrient loop between agricultural production and municipal waste treatment. Leveraging some of the world’s largest players in this space, Phospholutions can change the way we view nutrient loads by alleviating the burden and costs that traditional technologies won’t.