Traditional fertilizer applications are inefficient. More than 60% of fertilizer washes away before ever being used by the plant. To make up for the loss, fertilizer is applied in excess to ensure the plant has enough to sustain growth. Furthermore, conventional slow-release technologies release nutrients based on environmental conditions, such as time, temperature and water, none of which directly relate to plant needs. A more consistent release purely based on plant uptake has been proven to produce healthier plants, promote root growth, and cut costs all while preventing nutrient loads from polluting our waterways.





RhizoSorb is a cost-effective solution for improving fertilizer efficiency to produce healthier plants. The product acts like a sponge for key nutrients needed for plant growth. Using soil chemistry to our advantage, RhizoSorb works by buffering fertilizer applications within the growing substrate, providing roots with a more consistent level of nutrients such as phosphorus. The granular and highly porous material has both negative (cationic) and positive (anionic) exchange sites, controlling the release of essential nutrients required for plant growth.


Product Benefits:

  • Better root growth
  • Improved nutrient retention
  • Increased stress tolerance

RhizoSorb needs to be incorporated in and beneath the root zone for maximum benefit.

  • Core aeration, solid tine, or Dryject
  • Topdressed for newly constructed, sodded, or seeded areas
  • Root zone mix, divot recovery mix

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RhizoSorb is used across the green industry to improve seedling success, reduce transplant shock, and reduce inputs, ultimately cutting the cost of production. RhizoSorb also improves post-production quality of ornamental plants while increasing drought and stress tolerance.

Product Benefits:

  • Better root growth
  • Improve seedling quality
  • Reduce transplant shock

Soilless growing media has little to no charge and leads to poor nutrient retention. Increasing buffering capacity with RhizoSorb makes soilless media more like true soil. RhizoSorb needs to be incorporated uniformly into the growing substrate prior to planting to provide maximum benefits. Alternatively, the product can be incorporated as a value-add to preexisting product lines including specialty fertilizers and custom soil blends. Application rates may vary per substrate.

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