Farming has never been easy. With increasing pressure for bigger and better yields to feed a growing population, crop producers are being forced to produce more per acre while still meeting price demands. Producers are the last to be rewarded when the times are good and the first to be squeezed when the times get tough. With growing concerns about food security, sovereignty and the environment, the weight lays on the shoulders our world’s producers; fertilizers lie at the center of much of the conversation.

The US will collectively spend $32B on fertilizer this year, yet research shows more than half will wash away before ever being used. These unwanted nutrients end up downstream and threaten water quality nationwide. To help address these growing concerns Phospholutions has developed a product to reduce inputs, increase efficiency, and improve crop quality. Made from naturally occurring minerals and recently certified for organic use by OMRI, a solution to reduce the environmental concerns associated with fertilizer finally exists. The technology we’ve developed reduces costs, alleviates regulatory pressures, and replaces conventional fertilizers causing water quality issues nationwide. By reducing input costs your profit margins have an opportunity to grow without compromising production.

We know that the smartest producers are always thinking ahead. That is why our products are designed to last, providing benefit year after year. In the short term the product supplies a steady stream of nutrients to crops allowing for optimum root growth and plant development. Because our technology is stable and doesn’t break down, it can be recharged with nutrients for years to come offering benefits to your soil over time, providing benefits and cost-savings over the long term.

Our truly controlled-release technology is unique because rather than using a virgin nutrient source, we pull nutrients from polluted waste streams, loading them onto a granule that is ready to be applied directly to the soil for release. The controlled-release mechanism releases nutrients purely based on plant demands, unlike traditional slow-release technologies that depend on environmental conditions like time, temperature, and moisture. What that means, is we soak up nutrients that would end up polluting our waterways and apply it in a form that won’t wash away. Less fertilizer needs to be applied initially and even less over time, with up to 98% staying in the soil until actually taken up by the plant. The future of fertilizer is here.

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