Animal production is often criticized for environmental concerns surrounding water quality and rarely applauded for the stewardship that our nation’s largest producers strive towards. For businesses that produce large quantities of manure and operate in highly regulated states, it can feel difficult or impossible to manage budget constraints and regulatory pressures. At Phospholutions, we understand that manure can be a costly burden on your growing business if not managed properly.

By utilizing our technology, we can manage nutrient loads in a cost effective manner to eliminate leaching concerns, increase the amount that can be applied per acre, and reduce transportation and storage costs associated with excessive supplies. By implementing our technology as a slurry additive, we can hold key nutrients like phosphorus in the soil in a plant available form until removed by the crop. Alternatively, we can remove those same nutrients to be transported off-site to alleviate the burden for you as the producer.

Whether it’s poultry, dairy, or swine, our unique technology has a variety of applications that have been developed in a way to fit your particular needs, reducing environmental concerns and cost associated with handling excess manure. Applications include using our granular product as a litter additive, a filtering agent, soil amendment, or for direct application as a slurry additive. With our international partners, engineers, and technical support, Phospholutions will develop a customized solution to fit your budget and nutrient management goals to abide by increasing regulatory pressures.