Frequently Asked Questions

What is a soil amendment?

A soil amendment is a product that does not contain plant nutrients (N, P or K) and is designed to alter the soil characteristics or chemistry. Common examples of soil amendments are sand, vermiculite, or clay.

What kinds of Fertilizer can I use with RhizoSorb™?

You can both traditional or organic fertilizers with RhizoSorb™. It is designed to absorb any nutrients from the soil regardless of whether they have synthetic, or organic sources.

What is it made of?

RhizoSorb™ is made of a proprietary mixture of common earth minerals. They exist in all soils on earth, but in varying amounts. Some soils contain large quantities of these minerals and these are refined. These refined minerals can then be added to soil to increase the fertility and drastically reduce leaching and runoff.

How long does it last?

RhizoSorb™, once add to the soil, lasts for decades. The material slowly will break into smaller and smaller pieces over time. As the RhizoSorb™ breaks down, it remains in the soil, holds nutrients and reduces leaching and runoff.

Is it toxic?

RhizoSorb™ is an inert product that is non-toxic. It can cause discomfort if dust from the product is inhaled or makes contact with eyes. (See our MSDS for further information). We recommend users to wear the proper safety equipment when working with the material to reduce the change of irritation.

Benefits of multiple applications?

We recommend adding RhizoSorb™ as an annual amendment. We do so because as soils mature and build up organic matter they dilute the amount of RhizoSorb™.

Is it organic?

RhizoSorb™ is approved for Organic production in the State of Pennsylvania.

How much is too much?

It is very difficult to put too much product into your soil. One would have to grow their plant in almost 100% RhizoSorb™ to notice plant health issues. Incorporating RhizoSorb™ at a rate of 1-5% if typically recommended.

Does it dissolve?

RhizoSorb™ does not dissolve. The product does not degrade over time, although it often reduces in size over time. However, these particles still retain their crucial chemistry and lasts in your soil.

Why high product costs?

RhizoSorb™ is a high-quality combination of minerals. The reason for such a high-quality material is that RhizoSorb™ is processed and lacks the heavy metals that are often found in conventional fertilizers.