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Our Team is Enhancing
Global Phosphorus Use

We were founded under the belief that sustainable production and responsible use of phosphorus is critical to support a growing population. Phospholutions develops technologies to enhance the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of phosphorus.

Our Culture

Hunter Swisher, Founder & CEO

Administration Team

Jacquelyeen Budzinski

People, Culture & Change Manager

Sheila Carl

Human Resources Administrator

Megan Kuhlman

Executive Assistant

Commercial Team

Bob Young

Chief Commercial Officer

Byron Bredael

Director of Sales

Nick Macris, MBA

Director of Business Development

Rich McCrary

Southeast Territory Manager

Brian Milam

Key Accounts Manager

Brianna Erdman

Sales Administration

Bradlee Consevage

Marketing & Communication Specialist

Operations Team

Steve Levitsky, MBA

Chief Operations Officer & Vice President of Sustainability

Research & Development Team

Aaron Waltz, Ph.D.

Chief of Technology

Pauline Welikhe, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Kyle Isaacson, Ph.D.

Formulation Chemist

Lia Novak

Research Associate