Dr. Pauline Welikhe, 2021 IFA Emerging Scholar, Defines Sustainable Phosphorus Management

Company Spotlight

Dr. Pauline Welikhe, 2021 International Fertilizer Association's Emerging Scholar, has been awarded for her distinguished research and academic excellence at Perdue University.

Her published research concentrates on legacy phosphorus and its connection between soil fertility and water quality in the article, "Development of phosphorus sorption capacity-based environmental indices for tile-drained systems," in the Journal of Environmental Quality. Dr. Welikhe's continued research at Phospholutions focuses on innovating technologies for sustainable phosphorus management through increased anionic exchange capacity, cutting costs, and reducing phosphorus pollution.

Dr. Welikhe joined Phospholutions in July of 2020 as a research scientist supporting our mission to enhance global phosphorus use. Her time at the company has been short, but her astounding research in sustainable phosphorus has influenced how we look at phosphorus.  Dr. Welikhe is changing the way we look at phosphorus and sustainable management of this finite resource. Her current work is developing new insight into phosphorus adsorption and desorption. Also, she has been leading our in-house laboratory testing in State College, PA analyzing new formulations of our RhizoSorb technology coming to market soon.

Check out her acceptance video explaining her previous and ongoing research developing technologies for sustainable phosphorus management enhancing global phosphorus use.

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